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Smart Company | Docusign eBook on "The Rise of the Home Enterprise"

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Must-Read - Digital Working in Australian businesses

DocuSign The Rise of the Home EnterpriseForewordThe way we work was already changing before COVID-19 hit us.
The digitisation of our workforce, the integration of flexible tools and practices, and the adoption of modern, agile attitudes both to work and to the office were all slowly evolving before COVID-19.
But many organisations have been forced to digitally transform as much in ten weeks as they had planned for the next ten years. The scale and immediacy of that change will create significant repercussions both for employees, their employers, and the very idea of how work is done is Australia.
That’s why we wanted to understand what the impact of this disruption has been on Australia’s office workers. We wanted to hear from them how their roles have adapted, which policies have succeeded and which need more focus, and what lessons Australian businesses can take from this crisis.
Because one thing is clear, the change felt by Australian workers is permanent. And that gives us an opportunity: when we go back to work, we can go back to better.
This report explores a new concept, The Home Enterprise - a new future of work in Australia based on the lessons learned from office workers over the past several weeks and months. No longer should the concept of work be tied to traditional ideas about the office, about working hours, or even about desks.
At DocuSign we are at the forefront of empowering businesses to make those changes. By simplifying, digitising, and automating the agreement process, we have helped thousands of customers survive and thrive even while many of them are working from dinner tables, spare rooms, or hastily assembled desks.
I look forward to hearing your insights and ideas on these topics as we chart our course to the future of work.
Brad Newton, Vice President & General Manager
Posted in Digital Transformation on February 26 2021 at 08:52 AM

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